Monday, May 7, 2012

Mew - Coffee Break

Nah lagu ini keren abis deh..
Credit: Arthas Nightshade

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Ga official :( :( Ga ada Official ny

Close the door when they come in. 
They can feel their whole world spin. 
Smoking plastic shards they'll never be scared of me. 
(I won't drown). 
And when they change themselves they're never afraid of me. 

Summer's out for you. 
There's no time for you. 

It is not what it seems. 
You're awake in your dreams. 
With lithium you'll never be sad again. 
But you can't sleep with her. 

It's not by choice, is it?
I hope you never come back. 
There's someone else in here. 
Please tell me why. Please tell me when. 
It's not by choice!

Sumber: Lyric 007

~ Best Regard, Lembidi ~
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