Sunday, March 17, 2013


NYARI $$$$  TANPA NYAWER / Investasi.....

buka link ini : dan daftar.....

refferal = ROX3919442

lebih diutamakan menggunakan proxy/IP USA

ajak teman sebanyak2nya untuk bergabung dengan link referal anda.............
dapatkan deposit .....

What you first have to do is to download Sandboxie and Hotspotshield VPN or any other VPN that you have.
After you done that you just turn on your VPN to get a NEW USA IP, then you start
a sandboxed web browser with sandboxie. Now take your own referral link and signup with
the new IP and confirm you're email with 10minuteemail or yopmail.
but be careful make limited amount of accounts /per day. After you are done just delete the
sandbox and disconnect and reconnect again to get NEW IP.

Hope you like it and if you have any questions just ask me.

Gunakan referal anda dibagikan ke teman2 & relasi anda...
maka anda akan mendapatkan depostit.....
bisa WD ke LR dll
(use your referal link and give to your relation.... get mone from it)

NO Need Invstment
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